Better visibility, less time spent in meetings.

Friday can help you spend less time in meetings, so you have more time to do meaningful work. Read more to see how this is possible.

How we help you spend less time in meetings.

According to Andy Grove, the former CEO of Intel and author of high-output management, there are two types of meetings:

If we look at those two groups above, it's pretty obvious what type of meetings people dislike. You know, the meetings that drag on-and-on, where you wonder why it couldn't be covered in an email or document.

It's our belief at Friday that process-oriented meetings are highly inefficient, especially when they primarily consist of information sharing vs. collaborating as a group.

Information sharing is extremely important, but this can be done asynchronously instead. Everyone should walk into the meeting with a bedrock of context that helps improve the efficiency of the time spent together.

Friday can help you spend less time in meetings by capturing the important information and sharing it before the meeting happens.


In the examples provided above, we can drastically save you time in the meeting as the information is collected beforehand. Additionally, the information provided is higher quality than the information you might collect asking questions on-the-spot in a meeting. It also helps people on the maker's schedule.