The Pulse Campaign

The Pulse campaign is ideal for executives and team leaders who want to capture a strategic view of the company while adding a layer of specificity not available in the Promoter campaign.

This anonymous survey is a bit like the Gallup Q12 (a popular engagement survey) but is automatically configured to send on a schedule (monthly/quarterly/bi-annually). We recommend sending this campaign on a quarterly or bi-annual basis.



Pulse campaign questions are based on a likert scale (also known as an agreement scale). You can see what that looks like below:

Agreement Scale

If someone answers a question, they have the ability to leave an anonymous comment to help provide a bit more detail.

Can I add my own questions?

You can change up the questions as you see fit. We do offer question templates to make this process easier.



Results are plotted and measured on their own dedicated page. You can see how this looks below:

Engagement Survey Results

This engagement report consists of the following:

  • Average score
  • Completion rate
  • Average score (based on question)
  • Percentage agreement
  • Anonymous comments (if applicable)


In the future, we’ll be adding a way to visualize results over time.

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