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Use our free survey to see where your organization succeeds (and what needs to improve).

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It's tough to understand areas where you're doing well (and also where you need to improve) if you don't ask questions. We make collecting these insights easy for you.

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Discover new insights.

You can't be everywhere at once. Stop relying on your own personal observations when leading a team. We can help collect new insights - no extra meetings required.

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Create a great place to work.

Happy and engaged employees are the backbone of a successful organization. We make it easy to collect feedback and see what's going on.

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Easy to Administer

It only takes a few minutes to get up and running with a free pulse survey. Quickly collect feedback and benchmark progress.

Collect anonymous responses

Certain questions need additional context to drive action. Employees have the opportunity to leave anonymous comments when completing the free survey, giving you extra insight.

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Segment Results

Aggregate results can help you understand what's going on, but you need to segment by team or department to uncover more meaningful insights.

Easily Create Action Plans

Use the results to help create manager action plans. Distribute the results with one click to managers so they can see exactly what they're doing well (and where they need to improve).

Identify engagement trends.

How's the team doing over time? Stop relying on intuition, start measuring instead.

On a schedule

Gone are the days of ad-hoc surveys. Our pulse surveys are sent automatically whenever you choose (monthly, quarterly, annually).

Charted feedback

The annual survey is too infrequent and backwards looking. It's time for a change. Friday Feedback is software for leaders who want to improve engagement via timely feedback delivered to the right people.

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