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Friday Feedback takes an annual survey to the next level, complementing it with real-time, honest, and actionable feedback that truly drives employee engagement and helps you become more effective. We'll help you build a culture of continuous feedback and recognition at work.

Why should I care?

Only 32% of U.S. employees are engaged at work.[1] If you manage a team of ten, that's seven that might be disengaged.

Did you know that 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving? [2]

A disengaged employee costs an organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 in annual salary. [3]

Employee engagement is a major problem for organizations and teams of all sizes. This problem is estimated to cost between $450-$550 billion in lost productivity every single year.

Imagine what you could accomplish if your team was truly engaged at work?

In other words, if you’re a manager or leader - it’s possible that your employees are unhappy (sometimes it's not obvious either) and productivity is suffering. You’re paying for this problem, whether you realize it or not.

A lingering problem you didn't know existed.

Here’s the problem though - many leaders don’t realize that disengagement exists inside their department or organization. If they find out, it’s oftentimes a result of unusually high turnover or another red flag.

This is caused by a breakdown in the feedback loop. Organizations have created systems to collect feedback, but they aren't cutting it anymore.

The annual survey

A common practice is for HR departments to collect insights on the state of their employees. This is typically administered once per year, and these anonymous insights are distributed to managers to review and course-correct in the following year.

This process is expensive, time-consuming, and is dumped on managers all at once, with the expectation that they will improve over the course of the year.

How crazy it would be for a coach to receive feedback once per season, and to give feedback to players at the end of the game instead of throughout it?

Annual surveys are too infrequent, and while the anonymous nature can be effective at identifying problems, it does very little to help managers take targeted action to make meaningful change.

Company meetings

Many leaders want to hear honest feedback from their employees, but the opportunities they create for honest dialogue are limited. For example, leaders may ask for feedback in a company meeting, which is fine for extraverted employees, but introverted ones don’t want the extra attention from their peers. They may also fear saying the wrong thing or being too blunt.

Weekly meetings

Now, let’s zoom in at the team level. The same principle applies in weekly meetings. Managers want feedback from employees in one on one meetings, but they don’t create the opportunity to collect honest feedback from all stakeholders.

Leaders not being proactive

Many managers also falsely assume that employees feel comfortable giving them feedback without being asked. They implement an open-door policy in the hopes that this will prompt feedback. Put simply, many leaders aren't proactive enough.

Introducing Friday Feedback

These are pretty big challenges for busy leaders to solve on their own. We can help you solve these issues without adding an extra burden onto your already busy schedule.

1.) A few questions on a weekly basis

Getting up and running on Friday Feedback takes less than five minutes. Simply invite your team over email, pick a few questions you’d like to ask, and choose the cadence at which you’d like to receive feedback (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

2.) More honest feedback

Leaders who use Friday Feedback say that the feedback they get through Friday Feedback is more honest than feedback they receive in-person.

It’s no surprise - on Friday Feedback, employees have the ability to collect their thoughts and compose a clear message vs. being put on the spot in a weekly meeting or one on one.

3.) Recognition on autopilot

For every survey, employees are given the opportunity to say thank you to their peers. In our research, 45% of people who answer questions on Friday Feedback also send recognition to peers every response period. This strengthens team bonds and also allows managers to see who true top-performers are. Less gut instinct, more feedback from your team.

4.) Employee-centric approach

Over time, feedback and kudos roll up for each employee in their own profile. This allows management to see the current state of each member of their team. Each employee is different - it’s time you understand and treat them that way.

5.) Team insights

Responses also roll up for each team, giving managers insights into how the team is trending over time. Instead of guessing how they are doing compared to the past, managers can see exactly how it stacks up. Stop guessing, start measuring instead.

6.) Leadership-view

For organizations on Friday Feedback, leadership can easily see how each team inside the organization is trending. How is the engineering team trending compared to the marketing team? Leadership can define company-wide questions while still giving managers the ability to ask team-specific questions.

Advanced access controls give managers insights into their own team, without sacrificing the privacy of employees on other teams.


1.) Who can see what?

There are three user access levels listed below:

  • Individual users - can only see feedback given and kudos sent to them.
  • Team admin - can see feedback and kudos from anyone inside their team(s).
  • Organizational admin - can see feedback and kudos from anyone inside the organization (numerous teams) as well as the leadership view.

2.) Is feedback anonymous?

Pulse surveys (surveys on a frequent basis) are not anonymous, however, we are working on adding eNPS surveys which will be anonymous and administered on a less frequent basis (every six months or once per year).

We believe strongly that frequent feedback needs to have a name attached to it, however this is a value in anonymous feedback periodically throughout the year.

3.) Friday Feedback vs. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is an effective system for ad-hoc surveys. Here's what makes Friday Feedback different:

  • We save you time by handling all the scheduling and reminding. You don't have time to track people down and get them to respond. You also won't forget to send it.
  • Results are tracked over time. See how the team (or entire organization) is trending.
  • Feedback rolls up for each employee to review.
  • The kudos integration enables your team to say thank you to each other (one of our most popular features)

4.) How long does it take to get setup?

Setup takes minutes for smaller teams under twenty. For the first couple weeks you may need to remind certain members of your team to complete the survey, simply because building a habit isn't automatic. We do automatically send another reminder email on Monday if an employee doesn't answer on Friday. We'll do the heavy-lifting for you.

5.) Do you offer a plan for entire organizations?

Contact us about a custom solution that fits your needs. You can also try it with a smaller team (under twenty employees) first with our free 3-week trial. It's a great way to see it in action before making an investment for the entire organization.

Build a more effective organization by understanding the people you lead. Start collecting feedback and new insights today.

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