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Understand what's going on with your team (being in the same room not required).

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More productive 1-1's

What were the highlights of someone's week? What were the challenges they faced? Who is a star among their peers? We unlock these insights on a weekly basis for you.

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Discover new insights.

You can't be everywhere at once. Stop relying on your own personal observations when leading a team. We can help collect new insights - no extra meetings required.

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Become a better leader.

Want a promotion? Build a highly productive team. We'll make it happen by delivering the insights you need to succeed.

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Recognition matters.

79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. That's not going to happen anymore.

Build a culture of saying "thank you."

Every week, your team has the opportunity to recognize others for going the extra-mile. Let us help you build a culture of recognition across your team and throughout the organization.

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A profile for each person.

Activity rolls-up under an employee profile. This extra-layer of insight helps you coach each person according to their strengths.

Tailor the employee experience.

How can you build a productive team if you don't know (or can't remember) key information about each of them? We can help with that.

Identify team trends.

How's the team doing over time? Stop relying on intuition, start measuring instead.

Segment by teams.

If you lead several teams, quickly visualize and segment data by team. View scorecards to understand how a team compares to the rest of the organization.

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According to Gallup, managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores. Friday Feedback is software for leaders who want to improve engagement and productivity at the team level.

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What People Are Saying...


Friday Feedback gives us a platform to have constructive discussions when we have our team one-to-ones. Imagine the cost of losing a team member or having someone in a funk not being productive?"

Chris Hexton, CEO @ Vero


Friday Feedback gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on the help of their teammates and to give thanks.

Shani Podl, Vice President @ Doran Scales