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Better insights, better decisions.

A better way to understand what's going on, recognize coworkers, and spend less of your day in status update meetings.

Good call

Work can be a bit more like Friday.

The average person spends one-third of their life at work. Why can't we make it just a little bit better?

Individual contributors need to make work happen, but leaders need to understand what's going on. Friday balances these needs, enabling better visibility for leaders, while giving individual contributors more time to do their best work.

See what customers say:

Friday has proven to be a very simple and very effective tool to boost employee engagement, alignment, and recognition in my team.

Charlie Coombs

General Manager at Maersk Shipping

This tool is great for replacing retrospectives! It helps us get the info we need without wasting time we could better spend on engineering.

Justin Harrison

Technical Director at Radiant Solutions

Friday gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on the help of their teammates and to give thanks.

Shani Podl

Vice President at Doran Scales

As a manager, it has saved me time and allows me to be more efficient.

Leona Olney

Program Manager at Woodview Mental Health Services

Friday allows us to action small issues before they become big ones

Blake Whitman

CEO at GoodCall Recruiting

As a remote company, Friday was a vital tool we used to communicate our weekly retrospectives. It was an agent of change that gave an equal voice to everyone on the team.

Nick Piccito

CTO, Crystal

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